7th International Workshop on Sand/Duststorms and Associated Dustfall

7th International Workshop on Sand/Duststorms and Associated Dustfall

2-4 December 2013, ESA/ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy

The Seventh International Workshop on Sandstorms and Environmental Impact Assessments will be held in Frascati, Italy, on 2-4 December 2013. The workshop is organized and partially sponsored by the Laboratory for Earth Observations and Analyses of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and Economic Sustainable Development (ENEA), and by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Research on dust properties and impact is progressing fast due to the realization of several field campaigns, laboratory experiments, development of remote sensing techniques and modeling.
The main scientific objectives of the conference are to obtain an update of current knowledge and research programs on dust and its impacts, to disseminate recent results, to facilitate information exchange, especially with young scientists as well as to identify current research priorities with a special focus on satellite remote sensing.
One of the major objectives is to bring together scientists working on dust worldwide, exchange information on hot research topics, present and discuss recent understanding on the links and feedbacks between desert dust and radiation, clouds, water budget, human health, and biological systems, promote international collaborative efforts between research groups, Institutions, and Agencies.
The Workshop will be organized in planetary talks, round table discussions, and poster presentations.

The Workshop main topics are:

  • Ground-based and airborne observations
  • Satellite remote sensing and validation
  • Dust transport, mixing, and aging
  • Dust direct and indirect radiative effects
  • Dust impacts on health and biological systems
  • New sensors, algorithms and methods

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Previous Sand/Duststorms and Associated Dustfall Workshops
1st Workshop Seoul, Korea March 2002
2nd Workshop Nagoya, Japan November 2003
3rd Workshop Huhhot, China August 2005
4th Workshop Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia April 2007
5th Workshop Urumqi, China May 2008
6th Workshop Glyfada, Greece October 2011

Scientific committee Local Organising Committee
Angela Benedetti (ECMWF, UK)
Yong Seung Chung (KCAER, South Korea)
Alcide Giorgio di Sarra (ENEA, Italy)
Thorsten Fehrs (ESA, Italy)
Paola Formenti (LISA, France)
George Kallos (Univ. of Athens, Greece)
William Lau (NASA, USA)
Giandomenico Pace (ENEA, Italy)
Xavier Querol (CSIC, Spain)
Daniel Rosenfeld (Earth Sciences Institute, Israel)
David M. Winker (NASA, USA)
Zhang Xiaoye (CMA, China)
Stefano Casadio (ESA, Italy)
Tatiana Di Iorio (ENEA, Italy)
Alcide Giorgio di Sarra (ENEA, Italy)
Thorsten Fehr (ESA, Italy)
José Luis Gómez Amo (ENEA, Italy)
Anna Maria Fagioli (ENEA, Italy)
Antonio Iaccarino (ENEA, Italy)
Daniela Meloni (ENEA, Italy)
Francesco Monteleone (ENEA, Italy)
Giandomenico Pace (ENEA, Italy)