7th International Workshop on Sand/Duststorms and Associated Dustfall

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December 2, 2013

9:30   Presentation Workshop opening
B. Bojkov (ESA)
V. Artale (ENEA)
Session Dust transport, mixing, and aging / Chair: G. Kallos and Y. S. Chung
10:00 Abstract Presentation Kallos, G., J. Kushta, S. Solomos, and M. Astitha: Recent development of the integrated modelling system RAMS/ICLAMS
10:20 Abstract Presentation Terradellas, E., S. Basart, J. M. Baldasano, J.-J. Morcrette, G. Pejanovic, O. Jorba, M. E. Brooks, A. Da Silva, S. Lu, and F. Benincasa: SDS-WAS: Evaluation of dust forecast models
10:40 Abstract Presentation Mircea, M., G. Briganti, A. Malaguti, S. Finardi, C. Silibello, C. Spyrou, C. Kalogeri, G. Kallos, and G. Zanini: Modelling of Saharan dust transport to the Southern Italy
11:10 Coffee Break
11:40 Abstract Presentation Benedetti, A., L. Jones, and J.-J. Morcrette: Numerical prediction of dust at ECMWF: current status and challenges
12:00 Abstract Presentation Basart, S., C. Gama, O. Jorba, M. Spada, C. Pérez, J. M. Baldasano, O. Tchepel, and C. Pío: Desert dust and sea-salt evaluation of the NMMB/BSC-CTM model for North Africa
12:20 Abstract Presentation Finardi, S., A. D’Allura, A. Bolignano, R. Sozzi, G. P. Gobbi, C. Spyrou, and G. Kallos: Estimation of Sahara dust contribution to PM concentrations within Rome Air Quality Prediction System
12:40 Abstract Presentation Spyrou, C., G. Kallos, and N. Bartsotas: Modelling the regional characteristics of desert dust sources
13:00 Abstract Presentation Schepanski, K., M. Mallet, J. Pelon, P. Formenti, H. Deneke, L. Klüser, T. Kunze, B. Heinold, and I. Tegen: North African dust over the Mediterranean basin: Dust source characteristics and atmospheric controls
13:20 Abstract Presentation Chung, Y.-S., H.-S, Kim, and M.-B. Park: On air pollutant variations in the cases of long-range transport of dust particles observed in Central Korea in the leeside of the East Asia in 2010
13:45 Lunch
Session Dust transport, mixing, and aging / Chair: P. Formenti and N. Saliba
15:30 Abstract Presentation Formenti, P., K. Desboeufs, C. Denjean, C. Di Biagio, S. Caquineau, A. Klaver, S. Chevaillier, S. Triquet, M. Le Quilleuc, S. Oskanian, C. Gaimoz, J. L. Rajot, B. Laurent, P. Vallejo, M. Quiñones Rosado, O. Mayol-Bracero and M. Mallet: Investigating the evolution of the composition and size of African mineral dust across their atmospheric cycle
15:50 Abstract Presentation Saliba, N.A., R. Baalbaki, L. El Dada, M. Jaafar, N. Daher, A. Shihadeh, and C. Sioutas: Dust episodes and their effects on the chemical and biological transformations of coarse and fine particles in Beirut, Lebanon
16:10 Coffee Break
16:45 Abstract Presentation Malaguti, A., T. M.G. LaTorretta, M. Stracquadanio, C. Telloli, E. Petralia, M. Mircea, M. Berico, and G. Zanini: Experimental evidence of Saharan dust transport and interactions with aerosol chemical species at ground level during Trisaia campaign (May-June 2010)
17:05 Abstract Presentation Ediang, O.A., and A.A. Ediang: Understanding and forecasting dust disasters along the coastline of West Africa: Lessons learned
17:30 Welcome Cocktail + Posters

December 3, 2013

Session Satellite remote sensing and validation / Chair: T. Fehr and N. Hatzianastassiou
9:10 Abstract Presentation Crumeyrolle, S., Z. Liu, T.D. Fairlie, A. Omar, M. Vaughan, G. Schuster, L.D. Ziemba, B.E. Anderson, A.J. Beyersdorf, K.L. Thornhill, E.L. Winstead, J. Dibb, R. Moore, and G. Chen: Long range transport of African dust over the Atlantic Ocean: Case study from the GRIP field campaign
9:30 Abstract Presentation Nowottnick, E., P. Colarco, J. Welton, and A. da Silva: Evaluating the 3-Dimensional climatology of Saharan dust transport in the NASA GEOS-5 AGCM using CALIOP
9:50 Abstract Presentation Korras-Karraca, K., A. Gkikas, C. Papadimas, A. Sayer, C. Hsu, N. Mihalopoulos, and N. Hatzianastassiou: The regime of aerosol optical depth over Sahara and Arabian Peninsula based on MODIS Aqua Deep Blue 2002-2010 data
10:10 Abstract Presentation Mancera, D., L. Klüser, and M. Schroedter-Homscheidt: Aerosol occurrence in the lower boundary layer - Support for solar energy plants´site assessment
10:30 Abstract Presentation Fehr, T.: The ESA missions for aerosols and dust
10:50 Abstract Presentation Gherboudj, I., and H. Ghedira: Sensitivity analysis of the thermal infrared dust indices to the atmospheric and surface parameters over arid area
11:10 Coffee Break
Session Ground-based and airborne observations / Chair: F. Dulac and G. Pace
11:50 Abstract Presentation Di Iorio, T., F. Anello, C. Bommarito, M. Cacciani, L. De Silvestri, C. Di Biagio, A. di Sarra, P. Formenti, J. L. Gómez-Amo, J. A. Martinez-Lozano, D. Meloni, F. Monteleone, G. Pace, S. Piacentino, R. Schioppo, and D. Sferlazzo: Overview and preliminary results of ground-based measurements during the summer 2013 Charmex/ADRIMED campaign at Lampedusa
12:10 Abstract Presentation Dagsson-Waldhauserova, P., O. Arnalds, H. Olafsson, L. Skrabalova, G. M. Sigurdardottir, M. Branis, J. Hladil, R. Skala, T. Navratil, L. Chadimova, S. von Lowis of Menar, and T. Thorsteinsson: Dust storm events in Iceland: Physical properties of Icelandic dust
12:30 Abstract Presentation Moroni, B., S. Castellini, S. Crocchianti, F. Scardazza, M. Angelucci, M.Pompei, M. Vecchiocattivi, and D. Cappelletti: Ground-based Measurements at the WMO SDS-WAS Rural Regional Background Monitoring Station of Monte Martano (Central Italy)
12:50 Abstract Presentation Chen, B., M. Yamada, D. Zhang, A. Matsuki, G. Shi, and Y. Iwasaka: Vertical changes in mixing state of aerosol particles in the boundary layer in Beijing, China: Balloon-borne measurements in summer and spring
13:10 Abstract Presentation Duchi, R., A. Marinoni, P. Cristofanelli, D. Putero, F. Calzolari, T. C. Landi, L. Bourcier, and P. Bonasoni: Five years of synoptic-scale dust transport events in the southern Himalayas
13:45 Lunch
15:15 Abstract Presentation Nava, S., G. Calzolai, M. Chiari, M. Giannoni, F. Lucarelli, S. Becagli, M. Marconi, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti: Saharan dust impact on PM2.5 in central Italy
15:35 Abstract Presentation Pace,G., W. Junkermann, M. Berico, M. Cacciani, G. Cremona, A. di Sarra, D. Meloni, and L. Vitali: Desert dust intrusion in a complex orographic coastal site: A case study from the MORE campaign
15:55 Abstract Presentation Perrino, C., C. Farao, I. Morricone, and S. Canepari: Contribution of water to atmospheric PM during duststorms
16:15 Coffee Break
17:00 Abstract Presentation Bourcier L., A. Marinoni, P. Cristofanelli, R. Duchi, D. Putero, T.C. Landi, F. Calzolari, M. Busetto, U.Bonafè and P. Bonasoni: Optical properties of atmospheric Saharan dust particles at the Mount Cimone GAW Global Station, Italy (2165 m a.s.l.)
17:20 Abstract Presentation Mona L., V. Amiridis, A. Amodeo, G. D’Amico, A. Hiebsch, N. Papagiannopoulos, A. Papayannis, M. Sicard, U. Wandinger, A. Comeron and G. Pappalardo: Long-term EARLINET dust observations
Workshop dinner

December 4, 2013

Session Dust direct and indirect radiative effects / Chair: M. Mallet and D. Meloni
9:10 Abstract Presentation Meloni D.: Optical properties and radiative forcing of desert dust at Lampedusa island: What we have learned since 1999
9:30 Abstract Presentation Mallet M., and the ADRIMED group: The Aerosol Direct Radiative Impact in the MEDiterranean (ADRIMED) project
9:50 Abstract Presentation Denjean, C., C. Di Biagio, S. Chevaillier, C. Gaimoz, N. Grand, R. Loisil, S. Triquet, P. Zapf, G. Roberts, T. Bourrianne, K. Sellegri, E. Freney, A. Schwarzenbock, F. Ravetta, M. Mallet, and P. Formenti: Scattering and absorption properties of transported mineral dust aerosols in the visible spectrum: dependence on source region and temporal evolution
10:10 Abstract Presentation Derimian, Y., O. Dubovik, T. Lapyonok, P. Dubuisson, P. Litvinov, and D. Tanré: Sensitivity of aerosol forcing to particles shape, composition and properties of underlying surface
10:30 Abstract Presentation Di Biagio, C., P. Formenti, H. Boucher, J. Cuesta, and J.-F. Doussin: Experimental determination of the complex refractive index and optical properties of mineral dust in the infrared spectral range
10:50 Abstract Presentation Nabat, P., S. Somot, M. Mallet, A. Culot, and E. Bruhier: Dust aerosol effects on the aerosol-atmosphere-ocean interactions during a dust outbreak over the Mediterranean region in summer 2012 (ChArMEx/TRAQA field campaign)
11:10 Coffee Break
11:40 Abstract Presentation di Sarra, A., S. Becagli, L. De Silvestri, T. Di Iorio, R. Ellul, J. L. Gomez Amo, D. Meloni, F. Monteleone, G. Pace, and D. Sferlazzo: The big dust event of May 22, 2013, in the Central Mediterranean: Optical properties and surface radiative forcing
12:00 Abstract Presentation Gomez-Amo, J.L., A. di Sarra, and D. Meloni: Quantification of the dust layer effect in the temperature profiles due to the stratification of aerosol absorption
Session New sensors, algorithms and methods / Chair: A. di Sarra and J. Groebner
12:20 Abstract Presentation Torres, B., L. Blarel, P. Goloub, M. Mallet, T. Bourrianne, D. Tanré, F. Dulac, O. Dubovik, C. Verwaerde, T. Podvin, A. Mortier, Y. Derimian, J.L. Guerrero-Rascado, L. Alados-Arboledas, M.J. Granados-Muñoz, J.A. Bravo-Aranda, G. Roberts, G. Monboisse, P. Chazette, J. Totems, M.-L. Boytard, and D. Fuertes: First retrievals of aerosol properties derived from measurements of the new airborne Sunphotometer PLASMA during the campaigns SHADOWS and ChArMEx
12:40 Abstract Presentation Gobbi, G.P., F. Barnaba, F. Costabile, L. Di Liberto, C. Tirelli, R. Sozzi, A. Bolignano, M. Morelli, L. Sauvage, and S. Loaec: DIAPASON: An user-oriented EC-LIFE+ Project to quantify the role of Saharan dust on European PM10 levels
13:00 Abstract Presentation Renard, J.-B-. F. Dulac, G. Berthet, D. Vignelles, F. Jégou, M. Jeannot, M. Mallet, J.-C. Dupont, C. Thaury, T. Tonnelier, N. Verdier, and P. Charpentier: Light Optical Particle Counter LOAC: A small aerosol counter with particle characterization capabilities for surface and airborne measurements
Session Dust impacts on health and biological systems / Chair: S. Becagli and A. Benedetti
13:20 Abstract Presentation Landi, T.C., A. Riccio, L. Bourcier, P. Cristofanelli, A. Marinoni, M. Busetto, F. Cairo, and P. Bonasoni: Quantification of natural contribution on PM10 exceedances: A novel method developed in the framework of I-AMICA Project
13:45 Lunch
15:15 Abstract Presentation Moroni, B., D. Cappelletti, and F. Scardazza: Morphochemical characteristics and toxic potential of Fe-bearing minerals from Saharan dust outbreaks
15:35 Abstract Presentation Maki, T., F. Kobayashi, B. Chen, F. Puspitasari, M. Kakikawa, A. Matsuki, G. Shi, H. Hasegawa, and Y. Iwasaka: Diversity and structure dynamics of airborne bacteria (bioaerosols) in Dunhuang City during a dust event
16:00 Wrap-up and conclusions
Abstract Abstract
Presentation Poster


Dust transport, mixing, and aging
Abstract Poster T1: Beegum, S.N., and H. Ghedira: Aerosol Microphysics over Abu Dhabi: Source strengths and potential advection pathways
Abstract Poster T2: Moshayedi, F., and S. Shirkhani: Sand & dust storm in west Asia
Abstract Poster T3: Sessions, W., J.M. Baldasano, S. Basart, Angela Benedetti, P.R.Colarco, A. da Silva, O. Jorba, Sarah Lu, P. Lynch, J.-J. Morcrette, M. Razinger, J.S.Reid, M. Spada, T.T. Sekiyama, T.Y. Tanaka: International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction Multi-Model Ensemble
Abstract Poster T4: Soares J., and M. Sofiev: Global wind-blown dust emission and dispersion estimated by the chemical transport model SILAM
Ground-based and airborne observations
Abstract Poster O1: Angiuli, L., G. Assennato, R.Giua, and L.Trizio: Saharan dust outbreaks in Apulia region: Influence on PM10 concentrations from 2005 to 2013
Abstract Poster O2: Basart, S., F. Dulac, J.M. Baldasano, P. Nabat, M. Mallet, F. Solmon, B. Laurent, J. Vincent, L. Menut, L. El Amraoui, B. Sic, J.-P. Chaboureau, J.-F. Léon, B. Vogel, J.-B. Renard, F. Ravetta, J. Pelon, C. Di Biagio, P. Formenti, I. Chiapello, J.-L. Roujean, X. Ceamanos, D. Carrer, M. Sicard,H. Delbarre, and J.-L. Attié: Dust Model Intercomparison For Summer 2012 In The Western Mediterranean and Comparison to The Pre-ChArMEx/TRAQA Campaign Observations
Abstract Poster O3: Becagli, S., D. M. Sferlazzo, C. Bommarito, M. Chiari, A. di Sarra, D. Frosini, J.L. Gómez-Amo, F. Lucarelli, M. Marconi, D. Meloni, S. Nava, G. Pace, S. Piacentino, M. Severi, R. Traversi and R. Udisti: Seasonality of Saharan dust outbreaks over Lampedusa island (central Mediterranean Sea) revealed by chemical composition of PM10 sampled at ground level and optical properties measured over the air column
Abstract Poster O4: Binietoglou, I., G. D'Amico, N. Pappagianopoulos, and G. Pappalardo: A Lidar-based algorithm for the retrieval of dust mass concentration profiles
Abstract Poster O5: Bucci, S., F. Cairo, G. Di Donfrancesco, L. Diliberto, F. Fierli, F. Ravetta, and M. Viterbini: Characterization of dust transport events over the Mediterranean Basin region during Summer 2012
Abstract Poster O6: Calzolai, G., M. Chiari, M. Giannoni, F. Lucarelli, S.Nava, D. Frosini, S. Becagli, F. Amato, A. Karanasiou, X. Querol, C. Alves, M. Duarte, T. Nunes, C. Pio, E. Diapouli, V. Vasilatou, and K. Eleftheriadis: Study of desert dust transport episodes in Southern Europe: preliminary results from the AIRUSE LIFE+ Project
Abstract Poster O7: Ciardini, V., T. Di Iorio, L. Di Liberto, C. Tirelli, G. Casasanta, A. di Sarra, and M. Cacciani: Desert dust observations in the urban environment of Rome during 2006-2009
Abstract Poster O8: Dagsson-Waldhauserova, P., O. Arnalds, H. Olafsson, L. Skrabalova, G. M. Sigurdardottir, M. Branis, S. von Lowis of Menar, and T. Thorsteinsson: Atmospheric Dust Measurements in Iceland (ADMI 2013)
Abstract Poster O9: Dulac F., and the international ChArMEx Team: Overview of the ChArMEx project activities on Saharan dust in the Mediterranean region
Abstract Poster O10: Gkikas,A., C. Papadimas, N. Mihalopoulos, and N. Hatzianastassiou: Effect of intense dust episodes on atmospheric lapse rates in the Mediterranean basin
Abstract Poster O11: Gröbner, J., N. Kouremeti, A. di Sarra, J. L. Gómez-Amo, D. Meloni, and D. M. Sferlazzo: Radiation measurements during the 2013 Charmex campaign at Lampedusa, Italy
Abstract Poster O12: Mbithi, D: The relationship between atmospheric aerosols and rainfall over the three cities in Kenya
Abstract Poster O13: Mortier, A., P. Goloub, T. Podvin, D. Tanré, Y. Derimian, C. Deroo, A. Diallo, T. N’Diaye, E. Cuevas, S. Basart, and J.M. Baldasano: Variability of aerosol properties and radiative forcing over M’Bour (Senegal) as revealed by a 6 years coincident Sunphotometer and Lidar dataset
Abstract Poster O14: Papagiannopoulos, N., L. Mona, M. Sicard, G. D’Amico, A. Comeron, and G. Pappalardo: EARLINET measurement campaign during summer 2012
Abstract Poster O15: Shalaby A., and E. Eltahir: Severe dust storms over the Arabian Peninsula: Observations and modeling
Abstract Poster O16: Tositti, L., E. Brattich, and A. Riccio: An outstanding Saharan dust event at Mt. Cimone (2165 m a.s.l., Italy) in March 2004
Abstract Poster O17: Yadav, R., L.K.Sahu,S.N.A. Jaaffrey, and G.Beig: Distributions of ozone and related trace gases at an urban site in western India
Satellite remote sensing and validation
Abstract Poster S1: Bucci , S., C. Cagnazzo, F., L. Di Liberto, and F. Fierli: Aerosol variability and atmospheric transport in the Himalayan region from CALIOP 2007–2010 observations
Abstract Poster S2: Chiapello, I., Q. Coopman, P. Goloub, F. Ducos, D. Tanré, and F. Dulac: Aerosol variability and properties from POLDER-3/PARASOL satellite retrievals in the Mediterranean region
Abstract Poster S3: Ibeh, G.F., G. A. Agbo, and I. O. Godwin: Effects of meteorological parameters and geomagnetic activities on radio refractivity in the troposphere
Abstract Poster S4: Laneve, G., R. De Bonis, L. Fusilli, P. Marzialetti, and G. Santilli: Real Time WMS for the detection of duststorms based on optical satellite imagery
Abstract Poster S5: Gherboudj, I., and H. Ghedira: Characterization of the dust events over the Arabian Peninsula desert
Dust direct and indirect radiative effects
Abstract Poster R1: Bassani, C., A. Pietrodangelo, R. Salzano, S. Pareti, and C. Perrino: Towards the direct radiative effects of the local mineral dust In the Rome area
Abstract Poster R2: D’Errico, M., C. Cagnazzo, P. G. Fogli, W. K. Lau, J. von Hardenberg, and F. Fierli: Asian monsoon and the elevated-heat-pump mechanism in coupled aerosol-climate model simulations
Abstract Poster R3: Gkikas, A., N. Mihalopoulos, and N. Hatzianastassiou: Modification of solar radiative fluxes and atmospheric temperatures due to intense dust episodes in the greater Mediterranean basin
Dust impacts on health and biological systems
Abstract Poster H1: Kobayashi, F., T. Maki, M. Kakikawa, M. Yamada, A. Matsuki, T. Naganuma, and Y. Iwasaka: Direct sampling of atmospheric bioaerosol using a tethered balloon over the Antarctic